In addition to the array of beers that are offered, B&B is holding a special promotion where patrons can purchase three sliders and a beer that is paired to the flavors of the dish for $16.

Beer and Slider Pairings Special Deals


“Grouper on Fire” – made with homemade spicy chili sauce, paired with Founders All Day IPA. The delightful citrus aromas and crisp, pleasantly bitter taste of this seasonal ale allows the spices from the  sauce to  dance on  the  tongue without overpowering the flavors from the  fish.

“Bangkok Dangerous” - A traditional tom yum shrimp infused “patty” cooked in Thai spices paired with Harpoon UFO White. This orange peel and coriander infused American wheat beer  plays nicely  with southeast Asian  spices and provides a wonderful  compliment to the tom  yum style shrimp.


“The Seoul Secret” – Pays homage to nearby Korea Town and is stuffed with slow cooked short ribs, vegetables, Korean bbq sauce and served on a “mantou bun” paired with Xingu Brazilian Black ale. This german style schwarzbier is dark in color but light bodied. It’s malty flavor and light bitterness allows the short ribs to shine.

“Southern Smack Down” – B&B’s Japanese inspired burger made from marinated pork shoulders, fresh herbs, vegetables and soy sauce paired with Radeberger pilsner. This traditional German Pilsner is a wonderful partner to any food, it’s light bodied, crisp, and refreshing to the palate. Mellow and slightly grassy, it is a delicious compliment to the herbs and vegetables in this burger.